Tidy Aphrodite Products

Tidy Aphrodite provides a full range of novelty cleaning items. This line bring a little bit of fun to that boring chore. Tidy Aphrodite is created by applying designer patterns to your everyday cleaning items. With a full collection of patterns that are created in house by our design team, we guarantee that we have a pattern for everyone. The design of these items make them a great impulse purchase. They bring a pop of color to a very muted category. Our perfected application of these patterns to the items makes us a great source in the marketplace for all of your novelty cleaning needs.

Canoe Broom

The canoe broom makes cleaning up those messes a little bit easier. With our top quality bristles the canoe broom can be used for almost all of your cleaning needs.

Promotional Angle Broom

The promo angle broom is created for cleaning up those smaller areas. The broom is slightly smaller than a standard angle broom. With the angular head still in place, it will allow you to get to those hard to reach places.

Angle Broom

The angle broom is made for everyday household use. The angled head of the broom allows you to get into those hard to reach places. We use top quality bristles that will not shed during usage. This item makes sweeping a little easier.

Cotton Mop

The cotton mop was created for everyday use. Cotton is a great absorbent of liquid and does a very good job of cleaning all types of floors. The cotton mop head is machine washable.

Microfiber Mop

Microfiber is a dust and dirt magnet, great item for long term use. The microfiber top can be unscrewed from the pole and is machine washable.

Lobby Set

The lobby broom and dustpan set makes it simple to clean up those larger messes. With a  rubber glide on the bottom to ensure that it picks up all of that unwanted dust and dirt. This broom nicely attaches to the dustpan pole and folds down for compact storage. This is a household essential for anyone that wants to make life a little easier.

Handy Set

This great dustpan and brush set is used to clean up any small mess. It’s ergonomic design makes it a delight to use. The rubber edging ensures that you will get every last piece of dirt into the pan. The brush fits securely into the dustpan for storage. The durable plastic that this item is made out of will give you years of use.

Microfiber Floor Duster

The microfiber floor duster is great at cleaning those tile and wood floors. The top quality microfiber that is used on our dense microfiber floor duster is a great magnet for all dust and dirt. It pivots very nicely to allow you to reach those corners and base boards. The head of this piece is removable and easily washed to be used time and time again.

Toilet Brush

The toilet brush and caddy is created with long lasting fibers for deep cleaning. After used it sits very comfortably in its sleek designed caddy for storage until you need it next.


The pattern novelty gloves are not only fashionable… they are great to use for any cleaning job! The variety of patterns and colors make it easy to use different gloves for different chores. With the embossed palm featuring a texture, it allows you a better grip for cleaning. The long cuff helps prevent water from leaking into the gloves.

Dish Brush

Doing the dishes is a boring chore for everyone. With our novelty patterned dish brushes it makes doing those dishes a little more fun. Our dish brush is manufactured with the strongest bristles that work great for even those hard to clean dishes and pots. It is safe for use on all types of dishes, pots and pans.


The scrub brush is great to use for those hard to clean items. It’s contoured absorbs great pressure and protects your knuckles while cleaning. The tough bristles are great at scrubbing away even the worst messes.

Static Duster

The static duster is used to dust any large area. With its electrostatic charge it does a great job of attracting dust, dirt and lint. With its extendable pole it makes it easier to get to those hard to reach places. The static duster is very easily cleaned off and then stored with its retractable pole.

Microfiber Duster

The microfiber duster is used for any size dusting project. It has an ergonomic design that makes holding it very comfortable. The top quality microfiber that is used on the head is a great magnet for dust and dirt. The microfiber dusting head can be removed simply and is machine washable.


The plunger was created for easy use. It has a super-pliable rubber cap that makes a very tight seal on the toilet bowl. It is designed to work effectively without any mess.


The waterproof full length apron is great for cooking and cleaning! With a  wide variety of pattern, there is an option for everyone. Our round halter neck makes it very convenient for daily use.