About Tidy Aphrodite

Tidy Aphrodite provides a full range of novelty cleaning items. This line bring a little bit of fun to that boring chore. Tidy Aphrodite is created by applying designer patterns to your everyday cleaning items. With a full collection of patterns that are created in house by our design team, we guarantee that we have a pattern for everyone. The design of these items make them a great impulse purchase. They bring a pop of color to a very muted category. Our perfected application of these patterns to the items makes us a great source in the marketplace for all of your novelty cleaning needs.

Products & Patterns
Tidy Products

We offer a wide variety of products that suit every household cleaning job. When using a Tidy Aphrodite product you can be sure your cleaning with style.

Patterns in Production

Our tidy patterns are usually customized with our designers and sales team to fit perfectly in our customers stores. Here you can find examples of our custom patterns.