The Legend

The candle was developed in the 1600’s. America had an abundance of beeswax, which they twisted into rope candles. These candles were called “courting candles.” The courting candle became a parent’s way of timing how long a young gentleman suitor spend with their daughter. The burn time would be set by placing a cut into the candle.

The long rope went to the suitor of choice, while all other got the “short” rope. We took this concept and brought in into the 21st century by building a new design that with a patented clip that extinguishes the candle automatically. Our new designs makes the Candle by the Hour the safest candle in the market.

Classic Candles

The classic Candle by the Hour holds our everyday candles and best sellers. With a variety of shapes and sizes using our finished metal framing.

Wood Base

The wood bases on the Candle by the Hour take our classic items and bring some traditional flare to the candle.

Mini Candles

The mini Candle by the Hour was created to bring create a lower retail price with the classic looks that everyone loves.

What They Say
I gave this item as a gift but was tempted to keep it for myself. If I didn't have cats around the house who don't know how to leave well enough alone, this would have stayed here but I just couldn't bear to watch my cats catch fire as they undoubtedly would. Candles just can never be a part of this house. This thing is beautifully made. Nothing cheap or cheesy about it. I love the way the copper holds the candle and the unwinding is just such a great idea. I am told it does not make a mess when it burns but instead burns nice and clean. The recipients were thrilled. I am still trying to figure out a way to have one here without the cats getting hurt. BOTTOM LINE: whether as a gift or simply for your own pleasure, this is a great item.
I ordered this candle as a gift for my mom. It is a great table piece, with a copper stand, and real wax candle. The candle is entertaining to watch as it slowly melts down and eventually goes out. I have no complaints about the candle at all--it has a sturdy base, it doesn't burn down quickly or oddly, and it has a strong flame. It's actually so nice to look at that my parents have stopped using it just so people can notice the candle...but that's not how it should be used anyway. Either way, it's a great product, and it made my mom smile--and that's what counts.
We purchased one of these for ourselves and subsequently, as gifts for several friends / family members. The rustic look and unique design are nice features, but the beeswax candle is the main attraction. The "unwinding" candle burns cleanly and being able to unwind it for additional burn time saves looking for another candle. While you need to be cautious in cold weather to avoid unwinding the candle too quickly and pay attention to keeping the candle as vertical as possible to avoid drips - the beeswax is well behaved as candles go. The candle also has a built - in safety factor for those that might "light and forget it" - it automatically burns itself out when it reaches the restraining clamp. Definitely recommended.