Eclipse Home Decor, LLC.

Eclipse Home Décor, LLC. was founded by Dean Rappaport and Mervyn Fogel in 2004. With Dean’s extensive background of manufacturing and import along with Mervyn’s incredible track record at building retail, they were seen to be the perfect partnership. Dean was COO of the largest manufacturer of household lighting in the United States for the 17 years prior to starting Eclipse. Mervyn was the founder of Texas Home Stores, an extremely successful UK based chain. Together they formed Eclipse Home Décor to manufacture top quality products for retailers all around the world. Being an affiliate of Pentland Brands, there is no project too large to handle.

Eclipse Home Décor, LLC. is an industry leader in design, sourcing and manufacturing of many different household products. With a track record of great sales, you can find our products in over 30,000 retail locations. Our concept is based on providing quality at a competitive price to provide the retailers the margins that they need and sell-thru’s to be successful. Eclipse Home Décor, LLC. is a holder of many different active patents in multiple countries around the world. We are a multi-category business that does everything from standard retail manufacturing to private label products for some of the largest chains in the USA.

Natural Living

Natural Living is on the of the newest lines to be offered by Eclipse Home Décor, LLC. It consists of two different collections. The first collection is bamboo. Bamboo is the most sustainable and durable item that can be offered in cleaning products today. The other collection is Beechwood. Beechwood is one of the nicest woods to be used in cleaning items. It gives the design, durability and affordability that you would want. The two lines together create an eco-friendly approach to manufacturing of household cleaning products. With all of the plastics and bristles being manufactured from recycled materials, it is our way of paying it forward.

Candle by the Hour

The candle was developed in the 1600’s. America had an abundance of beeswax, which they twisted into rope candles. These candles were called “courting candles.” The courting candle became a parent’s way of timing how long a young gentleman suitor spend with their daughter. The burn time would be set by placing a cut into the candle. The long rope went to the suitor of choice, while all other got the “short” rope. We took this concept and brought in into the 21st century by building a new design that with a patented clip that extinguishes the candle automatically. Our new designs makes the Candle by the Hour the safest candle in the market.

Tidy Aphrodite

Tidy Aphrodite provides a full range of novelty cleaning items. This line bring a little bit of fun to that boring chore. Tidy Aphrodite is created by applying designer patterns to your everyday cleaning items. With a full collection of patterns that are created in house by our design team, we guarantee that we have a pattern for everyone. The design of these items make them a great impulse purchase. They bring a pop of color to a very muted category. Our perfected application of these patterns to the items makes us a great source in the marketplace for all of your novelty cleaning needs.